Monthly Archives: June 2013

Fantastic Weather Last Weekend!

Last weekend (June 8-9) was really sunny with hardly a breath of wind. It was shirt sleeve weather from 6.30 in the morning. A summer like that would be great for campers.

We knew that it was forecast to get wet and colder by midweek but, with the good weather appearing so stable, it was difficult to believe that it was about to change.

Well, change was definitely coming! No doubt about it. This weekend (June 15-16) has been pretty wet, windy and much cooler. It was good to welcome some of the T4 / T5 vans down again. Just a pity they didn’t make it the week before!

Good Weather Arrives!

Last weekend saw warm weather with a light breeze and the weekend coming up looks like it could be even better. In fact the last two weeks of May brought markedly higher temperatures compared to March and April.